The favorite choice among most of the elite is Bentley Bentayga and tells others that you like the more beautiful things in life and you aren’t afraid to show it.
Just Sit behind the wheel of one of the fastest SUV’s in the world when you drive a Bentley Bentayga rental. This extreme 4×4 uses a high-powered 6.0-liter V12 engine which produces 400 horsepower to take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. You can feel this power as you sit in the fine leather seating and relax.
Then again, expecting a car that does luxury almost without peer, can demonstrate commendable off-road dexterity and has the pace to see off bonafide sports cars. When you take the family on a trip to Dubai in your Bentley Bentayga rental, you could spend a day or weeks exploring all the city has to offer. You must start at the iconic Burj khalifa, Burj al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Mall.